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I've been in a pretty bleak mood for the last few days - and I can't really pinpoint anything that specifically triggered it recently. I don't think my usual ironclad optimism ever fully recovered from the quadruple whammy of "Grandmother dying, City of Heroes closing, Emergency room visit for possible kidney stone, and a week of being unable to eat normally due to bad medicine reaction."

So it was nice to get a little bright spot this week. Someone figured out a hack you can use atop existing City of Heroes installations - it lets you get into character creation, meaning that CoH's world-class costume creator is accessible, even with the servers down. I'd already deleted my installation, but was able to download it anew.

It's not much, but it helps.

Cleaning Up

Dec. 7th, 2012 09:53 am
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I deleted City of Heroes yesterday - after backing up my screenshots and saved costume files. I'm pondering where to put the screenshots - I have a Tumblr and a Photobucket, but I also tried Picasa way back when - maybe I should give it another go.

I could probably stand to delete DCU Online and Star Trek Online as well - the likelihood of me getting back into either is pretty slim.
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I was incredibly saddened by the loss of City of Heroes. I logged in for the last few hours and just hung around with other members of the Straight Dope supergroup that made it online. Went to bed miserably sad.

On Saturday, I put up a Christmas Tree in my house for the first time. My parents are actually bringing Christmas to me this year. That should be a nice change of pace.

The End!

Nov. 30th, 2012 09:09 am
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City of Heroes shuts down at Midnight, Pacific Time, tonight. I hope another game like it comes along.

The Last

Nov. 27th, 2012 09:17 am
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City of Heroes ends Friday. I've been wanting to get back into it since the end was announced, and I finally made some time last night to log in and re-familiarize myself with the controls. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow I can play through a few more of the awesome missions before it shuts down for good.

One of the things I will miss most? The game's ragdoll physics engine, wherein you could send a bad guy flying and his unconscious body would get snagged on a tree, twitching hideously, until it de-spawns. Never fails to make me laugh.
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I did a series of screenshots last night, along with transcribing the various character background blurbs. I'm going to miss the costume creator bit the most of all, I think - I had several dozen renditions of existing DC Comics heroes and villains done in that costume creator that I was pretty proud of.

I would seriously pay good money for a standalone 3D costume generator in the style of CoH's.

If the shutdown goes through, and if time permits, I want to be there, logged in, when it goes down.
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Bullet list, go :

  • Ended up with pallbearer duty at the funeral.

  • Managed to find rare Ghost Rider action figure I'd been looking for.

  • Making excellent progress on my Pokemon collection.

  • Apparently passed a kidney or bladder stone amidst pain and blood, ending up in the emergency room at 1:30AM Monday morning.

  • And I just learned City of Heroes is unexpectedly shutting down.

To sum up : Goddamnit. Couple of good things, but overall? Goddamnit. I need a good week at some point in the near future, because it's been a while.
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I got so much done! Even a few hours arguing with intolerant idiots on the internet and many more hours playing City of Heroes could not stop my juggernaut of task completion!

CharCon was good, despite a thoroughly mediocre hotel. Even visiting with the family was good!

I need to take two weeks off in a row more often.
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I played DC Online last night, just enough to get through the tutorial area before I got called in to work. I like it, but the controls were absolutely baffling to me. I found an options screen that let me put things in a more usable input mode, thankfully.

It's definitely more action-y than City of Heroes, and it has a lot of nice little touches that enhance the experience. Unfortunately, it also has gear, but I think there's a way to turn off the gear's effect on your character's appearance. All the costume options look really good, but there are way fewer than in CoH. There are three origins - Tech, Magic, and Genetic - which isn't a bad way to break them down. I still haven't fully grasped the logic behind the way the power sets work, though. You basically pick an attack form (martial arts, brawling, weapons of various sorts) that doesn't really reflect any particular power set, then you pick a power set for secondary abilities and attacks. The options are a little limited, but not hideously so.

I whipped up The Incarnate, based on a character I'm running in tabletop right now. I tried to call him simply 'Incarnate' but it was taken. (Boo, Sony, for not allowing duplicate names. My favored account name, candidgamera, was taken also - that's the first time that's happened since I signed up for XBox Live.) I fixed up his costume as best I could, gave him Brawling/Psychic powers, and a Magic origin, and played through an escape from Brainiac's vessel.

An MMO with a 'block' key? Wow.

Trying to respond to threats on all sides was a nightmare for me under the default controls. I'm definitely going to need practice.

Once out of the ship, I got some more info-dumping from Oracle, and then got to wander around a little - bumping into Zatanna, Dr. Fate, and Donna Troy.
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My posts are going to be more sporadic this month, I think - I like having a bunch of consecutive posts, but when there's this much snow, all my stuff tends to turns into angry grousing about how much snow there is, so I'll try to spare you where I can.

Still haven't decided about DC Online, yet. I really want to try it, but I barely play City of Heroes, as it is..
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I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and generally felt icky, but the pain has retreated today - there's still some ick, but I felt well enough to not waste a sick day.

Most of the weekend was spent playing City of Heroes, and I got all but one of my heroic characters to level 20 or higher. Woo! I saw a metric ton of people using the new Dual Pistols powerset - at one point I was on an eight person team where we had four defenders who ALL had dual pistols as their secondary powerset. And two shield-primary tankers. I was drowning in flavor of the week!

My roleplaying session on Saturday was cancelled, but I did talk to the players and decided on a good course going forward. Golden Age superheroes,to be run alternately with my giant robot game.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 12:39 pm
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I need to get to bed early tonight. That damn retro space game I've been playing has kept me up late - I was set to break free of it last night when I finally got into my first combat, and that hooked me back in.

But! None of that this evening. There shall be reading and some watching, but relatively little video game playing. And I think by this weekend, I will be free of the bastard game entirely and able to get back into Star Trek Online, or City of Heroes, or my XBox.

Actually, with a double XP weekend looming, I'm relatively sure it'll be City of Heroes.
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The roads were clear enough last night that I picked up my comics and did a grocery run - normally the groceries are picked up on Saturday, but with the way things have been, I figured I should take the shot while I had it. I am also back in the office today.

I was amused yesterday by something in City of Heroes - after downloading the test server client for 30-odd hours, and getting logged in, I discovered that my character 'Shield Scion' was still there. I'd made him when they were beta-testing the shield powerset over a year ago. As surprised as I was that the character was still there, I was even more surprised by the fact that he'd somehow been increased to 50th level.

Ironic, then, that my first 50th level character in City of Heroes is a forgotten one on the test server that I hardly played to begin with.
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Okay, with the new monitor I got a while back, and the new PC and speakers, City of Heroes just got awesome again. Before, even with the graphics tuned down a little, I experienced horrible lag in places. I just didn't have enough RAM to run the game properly, even if I shut down all the extra programs running on my PC.

Now, I can leave Firefox up, and other apps, and the game just zips along. At the highest graphic settings. It's beautiful.

I'm going to try and install some retro games on there, soon - I have Command and Conquer and Age of Empires collections to try.
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First appointment with my new physician is this evening. Haven't met him yet - hopefully, he's not a jackass.

I had intended to play City of Heroes last night,t o work on the badges for the Halloween event, but just couldn't work up the enthusiasm to do it. Part of that was just a general case of the blahs, and another part of it was trying to beat Street Fighter 4's Arcade Mode with Chun-Li on the second easiest difficulty setting, which took far more attempts than it should have. The main boss, I finally beat by luck. Zangief was also troublesome. Apparently, Russian Wrestling teaches you how to automatically throw someone anytime you're within a hundred yards of them.
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There are four technological widgets I want to get by the end of next year.

The lowest priority would be a WiFi capable laptop. It would be handy to have for various reasons. Mainly thinking of using it as a game aid for RPG sessions.

The next lowest priority is a modern digital camera. Mine is now too old to properly function with modern SD Cards. This is probably the cheapest of the four to get.

The second highest priority - and I use the term loosely - is a PS3. They've come down in price from "insane" to "expensive", and the damn thing's actually starting to get one or two exclusives that interest me, like the new Katamari game.

And then there's a new PC. It's about time for one. And City of Heroes could certainly se the extra horsepower. But a new PC is going to be expensive.
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Time to start writing down directions, making lists, and the usual rigmarole. Going to take some time out tonight and tomorrow for City of Heroes though - it's a double XP weekend, after all.


Dec. 15th, 2008 10:45 am
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Man, Livejournal is just *crawling* this morning. The rest of the internet seems fine, though.

I had a nice lazy weekend as anticipated and finished the painting of the boards for the bathroom project. I am hoping next weekend will see the end of major construction on the bathroom remodel. Fingers are firmly crossed.

Watched a ton of TV and such on DVD.

Goals for this week : dedicate some time to online roleplaying, indulge in City of Heroes's winter event, pay bills on time.

One More

Oct. 17th, 2008 10:19 am
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One more week, and then I get a week of vacation.

One more week.

This weekend I need to put up Halloween decorations. I doubt I'll end up getting a costume this year, but next year, dammit, I need to get one. I live less than a hundred yards from the Illusive Skull costume shop. I just need to make the effort.

I've decided to give up on World of Warcraft for the time being. I got a couple of offers to team up with other folks I know online, including new acquaintance [ profile] booniverse, but I think I need to give it a rest for a while. Maybe I'll pick it back up later on. Updating the little plug-in user mods every time there's a patch is kind of a pain, anyway.

In the meantime, I am still plugging away at City of Heroes. I know one or two people on my list here have it, and maybe some others do, too. I am also occasionally to be seen on the Wii and on XBOX Live, for those who wish to game with me. Friend codes / usernames provided on request.

Edit to Add : I saw this picture today. Totally awesome.
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XBOX Live Gold is now enabled. Woo. 13 months for under $50 - not a bad deal. I look forward to doing a little Soul Calibur and Katamari online. I may take some time to do that this evening - or possibly City of Heroes. Ordinarily, I would have been doing movie night this evening, but that has officially been moved to Thursdays, to accommodate friend Eric.

Something bit my leg this weekend, just above the ankle, and it itches like hell. It's a constant distraction while I am attempting to focus on important work tasks like.. updating my Livejournal. I do have to hack through a little SQL code after lunch, though..


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