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Feb. 13th, 2013 09:17 am
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So, I found a good site for listing movies seen - Letterboxd. Free basic membership, just launched from its beta, nice interface. I'm still working on loading my list on there.

Still looking for good 'Comic Books Owned' and 'Books Read or Owned' list sites.
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Blah, blah, interrupted sleep cycle. You know the drill. Brain functioning at half capacity.

Of course, that still leaves me better off than most folks, it seems, so that's good.

I've been updating my Tumblr semi-regularly - my New Comics Day posts, my MST3K favorites posts, my 'Bad Movie Night' posts. I may just become a blogger, yet.
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Decided to take Wednesday off as a vacation day - makes the trip home for the holidays a little less odious. Picked up a few cheap Batman back issues to take to my little cousin, as well.
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It never fails - I fall out of one hobby and have a surplus of cash, and then I get into another. In this case, there was a first-ever comics (and general pop culture) convention in Morgantown, WV - spitting distance. And the people putting it together actually managed to get some names currently working at Marvel, DC, and the like - Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing), Ron Frenz (long-time Marvel and DC artist) and Billy Tucci (creator of Shi) were the headliners.

So, dammit, I started a convention sketchbook. After waffling about 'theme' - i.e., which characters the book should focus on - I finally decided that I'd go with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Lots of variety there, and random artists are more likely to know the Legion than Ambush Bug, or even the Phantom Stranger. (Though if I ever meet Keith Giffen and he's doing sketches..)

So I have a Ron Frenz rendition of Mon-El and a Billy Tucci Dawnstar.
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So, Comics weirdo Alan Moore has released the last volume of the much-delayed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - and it was enjoyable, as were the preceding volumes. My friend Kirby and I were discussing some of the references it contains in the comic shop on Wednesday - and we were both amused by the 30 Rock nod on one page.

This spiralled into a discussion about what other American sitcoms that Alan Moore might enjoy, and we quickly decided he probably likes the most horrible ones.

Kirby (as Alan Moore) : "Ooh, According to Jim!"
Me (as Alan Moore) : "I love Two and a Half Men. This 'Charlie Sheen' seems sober and well-balanced."
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Was able to take off a half-day on Friday, because of all the time I spent last week working from home. My dinner-and-Avengers trip with friends was postponed to next Friday due to my buddy Lawrence becoming an uncle on Thursday evening. I still haven't seen the movie. My parents saw it before I did. That's just not right.

I had an extremely lazy weekend, because the Saturday gaming session was canceled, so I did get to linger at Free Comic Book Day, but it definitely felt weird not to do something to mark my birthday.

Well, other than that quarter sheet cake I bought Saturday.


May. 3rd, 2012 09:45 am
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My Air Conditioner units (window mounted, alas) are struggling to keep up with the heat right now, and I suspect it's because of the ridiculous humidity that's lingering. I'm hoping things cool down and/or dry out a little bit just so I don't melt.

Having birthday dinner with friends tomorrow, then catching Avengers; and then Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. This looks like it may be a pretty good week.
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.. something you can contract by inhaling too much dust from old Legion of Super-Heroes comics? No? Ah. Good.

I have a huge pile of Legion of Super-Heroes that I picked up on the cheap from the local comic store's 'Original Price sale'. I finally finished reading them yesterday - mostly the second (Baxter) series and the third (Five Years Later) series. Tonight I'm going to rearrange some of my comic boxes to accommodate the new back issues.

Such good stuff.


Mar. 5th, 2012 10:04 am
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I had a pretty good weekend - a gaming session, lots of video games, some Law and Order, and most importantly (or at least, most interestingly) another edition of Bad Movie Night. Oh, also some cheap comic books at a sale.

For Bad Movie Night (after a session of the new Marvel Heroes RPG) we randomly selected 'Escape From Galaxy 3' - which is honestly one I've been wanting to see in its entirety since seeing clips of it at the Smithee Awards. They made Italy's only black man the villain, put him in a costume that Ming the Merciless would find over-the-top, and put glitter in his beard.

Me : "It looks like he fellated David Bowie!"

Actually, you know what? The internet. Here you go.

Not to mention the Smithee-nominated scene where the aliens decide to leave Earth so as not to endanger their human friends, whereupon the human friends tell them they're kicking them out anyway - then the aliens mention that they agree, and the humans INSTANTLY change their mind, refusing to allow the aliens to leave - to the point of attempting to forcibly restrain them.
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Yesterday, I put a bullet in the head of the shambling corpse of a hobby of mine. Online, Livejournal-based roleplaying. I started at [ profile] jla_watchtower six years ago, this month. I joined other communities, I helped to start one or two, I became a moderator of some of those communities, and eventually became a moderator at Watchtower a few years back. I had lots of fun, mainly playing various superhero characters off of a lot of other good players doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, the ride can't last forever - and over the last year, it became more apparent. The once-vibrant Marvel community sputtered and died over a year ago; other hobbies started to capture more of my focus; key players resigned due to a paucity of free time and/or interest. I suspect the DC comics reboot didn't help - that torpedoed much of my enthusiasm, so I can't help but think it was a bit of a factor for others. There's also the growing discontent with LiveJournal's services - the random formatting changes, the haphazard content policies - that frustrated people.

Watchtower was always the largest of the communities I was in, and therefore, the most robust - but the decline was probably inevitable. The other mods and I kept it going through sheer force of will after a particularly nasty split in the playerbase, and kept it healthy for a long while after - but none of us have the force of will to push it for another six months, or a year, in the hopes that recruitment will pick up.

So, yesterday, we put JLA Watchtower into maintenance mode - officially no longer actively recruiting, left for the current players to use as a superhero playground as they please. And hell, if someone comes along, full of enthusiasm, and wants to fire it back up - maybe it'll live again someday. After all, death is seldom a career-ender in comic books.

My thanks to Richard, Rachel, Amit, Sean, Shawn, Shannon, Matt, and especially Kat for moderating the game at one time or another. And honorable mention to Kris, mod-assistant extraordinaire. And thanks to all the current and former players.
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My illness - if ever it was such - failed to manifest. Hooray! I also tried and failed to get a haircut - the place was too busy on the first pass, so I came back later - and though it was still forty minutes till close and there was no one waiting, they said they weren't taking anymore people that day. Well, whatever.

Inspired by one of my friends, after the game this past Saturday, we had an impromptu 'bad movie night' - wherein we watch a bad movie and make fun of it. It went very well, and I think this might have to be a new regular thing. I got several of those $10, 50 movie collections from Wal-Mart that are just ripe for abuse. We selected our first victim by die roll, and got 'Hundra', a 1983 barbarian woman movie. Very bad. But enjoyably so. And music by Ennio Morricone!

On an unrelated note, this made me laugh out loud today : The Downfall of Lois Lane.
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So now we've seen the first round of the fourth month titles of the new DCU, and it's time to start separating the wheat from the chaff. I feel like four issues is a fair chance to let something hook me - so it's time to start cutting. Alas, poor Green Arrow - your mediocre charms are not up to snuff. OMAC, though I appreciate your deep-seated quirkiness, I must bid you adieu. Animal Man, you get an extension - but I'm watching you closely. Likewise, Red Lanterns.

Detective was sold out, but I read a copy belonging to one of the store clerks (thanks, Matt 2) and it falls into the Green Arrow quality band - somewhat entertaining, and something I'd read if it was still attached to the old DCU, but not good enough without that mountain of continuity behind it.

Oh, Man

Oct. 27th, 2011 10:32 am
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I got my DC Universe Classics Legion of Super-Heroes 12-Pack yesterday.

I haven't taken them out of their box, yet - a box which is shaped like the Legion clubhouse, mind you - but they're just perfect. Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Karate Kid, Timber Wolf, Ultra Boy, Colossal Boy, Wildfire, Brainiac Five, Chameleon Boy and Matter-Eater Lad! Plus a bonus metal flight ring replica and a Proty!

I admit it, I squeed.

The container looks like a seven-sided polygon that unfolds to show each Legionnaire in a plastic chamber, two Legionnaires to each 'side'. Except Colossal Boy is big, so he gets a side with the ring and Proty. Which leaves one extra plastic chamber under another normal-sized figure. A chamber they label as 'Lyle Norg', AKA Invisible Kid.



Sep. 29th, 2011 10:56 am
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I actually finished a novel! In under a week! It's been ages since I had the time and interest to do that. Of course, the last one I slogged through was the first Sword of Truth novel, which is 1.) long and 2.) mediocre. But still, I actually made a dent in my Closet of Unread Books. (It was Dave Barry's Big Trouble, for the record.)

So, the final week of the new DC number ones. Some thoughts, behind a cut.

A Cut )
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Feeling very blah this week. Could be the crappy weather, could be early stages of a cold. Either way, I am shambling.

Another week of new DC comics! I saw a dude in the comic store who was getting into comics for the first time because of the reboot, so that's good. At least DC made a new customer.

Eh. )


Sep. 15th, 2011 11:13 am
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Took a sick day yesterday when I got so little sleep as to mistake a lamp for an air conditioner unit. I knew nothing good would come of going in. So I caught up on sleep and feel much better now.

I suppose it's time for another round of New DCU Reviews.

Heroes Rebored )
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I bought 7 of the 13 new DC Relaunch titles this week - 3 on my reserve list, and 4 try-outs. Mild spoilers may follow.

spoilers! )

That's all.
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Spoiler Warning!

What I liked : Jim Lee is in top form. Batman and Green Lantern, the focus characters of the issue, look great and their costumes (arguably the least changed of the reboot) look fine.

What I was indifferent to : Superman's costume. The choice of villain. The idea that we actually needed a reboot.

What I did not like : Story beats cribbed from All-Star Batman and Robin. Story beats cribbed from Dark Knight Returns - though I guess technically, that's next issue.

Justice League #1 was underwhelming. Things you might've expected them to fix in a reboot remain, such as - decompressed storytelling. We focus on Batman and Green Lantern in the issue, we get a one-panel last shot of Superman (as we prepare for yet another Batman-Superman fight next issue) and a young Cyborg (pre-bionics) provides the human interest angle interspersed with the action.

Batman's an urban legend again. 'Kay. Batman punks Green Lantern by stealing his ring off of his hand. Really? And for the big unifying villain that gets the Justice League together? Darkseid.

I just can't get excited about that. One, I thought everybody acknowledged that Darkseid had been overexposed and overused of late. Two, I thought we'd certainly let the Fourth World characters lie fallow with a reboot. Three - wasn't the point of the 'youthening' of these characters to make them seem less invincible? If the Justice League forms with a victory over Darkseid, how the hell do you escalate from that?

It's a B-minus comic when I was expecting hoping for A-plus material. Next week, we get JLI, Action, and Stormwatch, so maybe things will improve.
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Goodbye, DC Universe. I knew ye well.

Hello, new DC Universe. Your collars look dumb.
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Tonight : Comic books, and Rifftrax Live!

Tomorrow : Meeting of the Dark Sun D&D group to reorganize for the resumption of play.

Friday : Preparations to run my game on Saturday!

Saturday : Run my game!

I think I'm going to take two weeks of vacation in October. I need to look at my list of nerd conventions and see which ones I might be able to hit up, then.


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