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I'm less tired than usual - fell asleep relatively quickly last night. And there was no overnight snowfall! Still, it's hard to get worked up about the prospect of work.

Had a productive weekend - working on more finishing touches for the bathroom project, and my parents assisted with a few other minor home improvements. Dad's planning on retiring in the Summer, and possibly taking a job with Chesapeake Energy that would be less physically demanding - plus he'd collect his railroad pension while drawing the salary. The downside is that he and Mom would be selling the house in Mingo County and moving up to Charleston..

.. so they'd be an hour and a half closer, which is nice, but I grew up in that house and have fond memories of it.

Spent some time yesterday playing on the XBOX - trying out some of the games Ir eally hadn't spent any time on. I quite like Conan and Penny Arcade Episode 2. Dead or Alive 4 is just too hard.

Think I'm gonna start using a couple of new tags for 2009..
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Consistently eating something for breakfast every morning does seem to help my energy level, and with the new option of sweetened cereal, it's actually something I can keep up with. This pleases me.

Unfortunately, there are very few TV options in the morning when I eat breakfast - since it takes 10-15 minutes, I can't really settle in for a normal length show. I have been watching bits and pieces of Angel on TNT, but I never see the beginning or end. The only show with an appropriate running time is Robot Chicken, so I can pop in a DVD of that, but it becomes tempting to sit through a second episode...

Parents are planning to come visit this weekend - Mom's recovering from foot surgery, so she won't be as active as usual. I'm sure Dad and I will work on some minor home improvement thing.
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Stayed home from work yesterday with sinus fun. Seems like I'm having to take about one sinus-related absence from work per month. Hopefully as things get warmer, that'll improve. Also, my parents got me a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration - hopefully it will eliminate some of the stuff in my house that irritates my sinuses.

Scheduled a week of vacation for the second week of February - relatively slow time at work, plus I had the time, so - why not? Looking at other blocks of vacation in early summer, late June, and sometime in fall.

Thank God it's Friday, though.
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I had a mostly pleasant holiday break. Having already recapped the portion wherein I visited my parents, let me catch you all up on the week that followed :

Mild sinus infection or cold, watched lots of DVDs, and played a generous helping of Lego Batman, which is the Best Game Ever.

There, I think that brings us up to speed. I got about four hours of sleep last night, so I'm a little punchy. I was giggling uncontrollably this morning because my brain reminded me of Robot Chicken episodes. I just hope no one at work decides to say 'Voltron, represent!' to me, or else it'll set off another fit.

Should have gone to bed earlier. Should not have awakened early due to dream. Admittedly, the last one was out of my control, but if I'd really applied myself, I could've learned that whole lucid dreaming trick years ago. If I had, then maybe I could really enjoying the surrealistic head movies my subconscious sees fit to present. (Then again, last night's was surprisingly linear and straightforward - basically swapping back and forth between a conversation with [ profile] angrylemur, whom I've never met but whose picture I saw late yesterday evening.. and grabbing fistfuls of LEGO studs in a vast, open landscape. Yes, I'm even playing Lego Batman in my dreams.)

Since I was up early, I actually ate some breakfast and watched some Looney Tunes cartoons. I have been trying to get myself to eat more cereal - the problem is that Cheerios, while healthful, are like C-Span in edible form. I mean, I'm a guy who can have the same pizza for dinner every night for a week, and even I think Cheerios are boring. So I picked up some Honeycomb last week. Not as healthful. Hell of a lot easier to eat.


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