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I'm not sure how it works, but whenever I feel stressed, one of the things that helps more than anything else I can do is spending money. Even if I'm stressed about spending too much money.

It's a therapy that could be worse than the problem, in the wrong dose.

So, I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL. I justified it to myself by reasoning that my DS Lite will not last forever, and the screen's so nice and big, and I won't have to reconfigure my wi-fi every time I want to connect Pokemon to the internet, and..

Basically, it boils down to the fact that I saw a new toy, and some part of my brain wanted the new toy.

In other news, had a fun movie night with friends on Saturday, with a horror theme - Brotherhood of the Wolf, My Mom's a Werewolf (as a BAD movie selection), and (because we were wolfed out..) Dead Heat. Fun!


Mar. 5th, 2012 10:04 am
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I had a pretty good weekend - a gaming session, lots of video games, some Law and Order, and most importantly (or at least, most interestingly) another edition of Bad Movie Night. Oh, also some cheap comic books at a sale.

For Bad Movie Night (after a session of the new Marvel Heroes RPG) we randomly selected 'Escape From Galaxy 3' - which is honestly one I've been wanting to see in its entirety since seeing clips of it at the Smithee Awards. They made Italy's only black man the villain, put him in a costume that Ming the Merciless would find over-the-top, and put glitter in his beard.

Me : "It looks like he fellated David Bowie!"

Actually, you know what? The internet. Here you go.

Not to mention the Smithee-nominated scene where the aliens decide to leave Earth so as not to endanger their human friends, whereupon the human friends tell them they're kicking them out anyway - then the aliens mention that they agree, and the humans INSTANTLY change their mind, refusing to allow the aliens to leave - to the point of attempting to forcibly restrain them.
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My illness - if ever it was such - failed to manifest. Hooray! I also tried and failed to get a haircut - the place was too busy on the first pass, so I came back later - and though it was still forty minutes till close and there was no one waiting, they said they weren't taking anymore people that day. Well, whatever.

Inspired by one of my friends, after the game this past Saturday, we had an impromptu 'bad movie night' - wherein we watch a bad movie and make fun of it. It went very well, and I think this might have to be a new regular thing. I got several of those $10, 50 movie collections from Wal-Mart that are just ripe for abuse. We selected our first victim by die roll, and got 'Hundra', a 1983 barbarian woman movie. Very bad. But enjoyably so. And music by Ennio Morricone!

On an unrelated note, this made me laugh out loud today : The Downfall of Lois Lane.
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XBOX Live Gold is now enabled. Woo. 13 months for under $50 - not a bad deal. I look forward to doing a little Soul Calibur and Katamari online. I may take some time to do that this evening - or possibly City of Heroes. Ordinarily, I would have been doing movie night this evening, but that has officially been moved to Thursdays, to accommodate friend Eric.

Something bit my leg this weekend, just above the ankle, and it itches like hell. It's a constant distraction while I am attempting to focus on important work tasks like.. updating my Livejournal. I do have to hack through a little SQL code after lunch, though..
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Had the weekly movie night last night, and I've come to the conclusion that there is a problem. Attendance is dwindling. A couple of the regulars moved away from the area. A few of the folks who would like to attend live in Morgantown (20 minutes north), and don't drive. One of the old-timers now has a job that keeps his schedule changing.

[ profile] senoy shows up fairly often. Eric, the Morgantown-based friend who DOES drive, shows up only rarely. He could bring other folks along, though, if ever he got more regular about showing up. I think the diminishment of the movie night thing is reflective, though, of the narrowing of my circle of local friends. It reached its zenith in college, and as people have left the area since, has inexorably shrunk. This is also a problem for scraping up people for gaming groups.

Clearly, this calls for a plan of action. I'm just not sure how best to go about it.
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Got stuff to do at work, so leaving it brief. Movie night was good last night - watched Neil Gaiman's Stardust, which was very fun.
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Blah. Movie Night canceled, on account of weather. Stupid weather! Means I probably can't go get my comics today, either. Feh!

Work's also being annoying, so today's another brief posting day.

Movie Night

Dec. 4th, 2007 02:21 pm
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Once again, movie night is upon us. Will the respective guests show? Will we take twenty minutes to pick a movie to watch? The suspense kills me.

Still, it's an enjoyable diversion, and occasionally, I get to see something cool that I haven't seen before. Last week, it was the Russian sci-fi horror flick, Night Watch. Very interesting movie. It just begs to have a roleplaying game made from it.
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I've got a ton of stuff to do today at work, but at least I can take solace in the fact that it's comic book day. I need to pick up some bags and boards - my collection's starting to take over too much space, again, and needs to be properly contained. I also need to make time to get on City of Heroes for the Halloween fun.

Movie night was good - we watched Beerfest, which I enjoy. Not quite on par with Super Troopers, but - what is, really?
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I think I managed to strain or sprain my toe. Doing my usual running exercises, sometimes I get a little pain in the bottom-outside of my left foot, and in trying to compensate for that, I think I damaged my poor toe slightly. I should really only do the running with shoes, even if I am inside.

I should be doing movie night tonight, if folks can show up. No idea what we'll watch, but there's always something.
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And Movie Night moves - from its old time, Sunday at 8PM, to a new time, Tuesday at 7PM. I approve of the change - it may allow friend Brian to begin to show up again; and the earlier start time means that even if one of my guests gets chatty, I'll still get to bed on time. September 25th should be the first Tuesday edition.

Last night's was spent watching a Dr. Who episode - Blink, provided by [ profile] eemick2, and some episodes of Godannar, a mecha-based anime show that goes to 11. The pacing is cranked, and the action movie cliches and sexual innuendo fly furiously. I like it - it hasn't quite fully clicked with me yet, but I like it so far.

Best episode watched was the third, in which we meet a Justice-League-style international team of robot pilots.
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Or, at least, a sign in front of a church. You know the kind - oft decorated with offensive moralizing or trite inanities. Occasionally, you'll get some clever, truly witty gem.

Well, I drive by a church on my way into work every morning, and their sign tends towards the 'trite inanities' variety, and this morning was no exception.

It read : "Grandparents are God's greatest gift to children."

I mentally added : "But the kids would rather play with the box they came in."

I have a sort of twisted sense of humor that way.

Had a brief movie night last night, watching some Venture Bros., and letting [ profile] eemick2 demonstrate Persona 3. Amusing game.
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Heh. WVU, a top party school. Some things, they do not change.

All-around updates - movie night went well, watched some of Venture Brothers Season Two with Lawrence([ profile] senoy) and his brother Zack.

Still sticking to my loose exercise plan - twenty minutes of low impact aerobics like walking, or alternatively ten minutes of faster-paced stuff like running, sit-ups, et cetera. I'll probably try to increase (to 30/15) that in a week or so. My blood pressure seems a bit better already, though that may be a fluke. However, it normally runs pretty high in the evenings, and yesterday evening I clocked in at 142/90, which is still bad, but that's pretty much at the bottom threshold for true hypertension. This morning, as is usual, it was lower. I may escape medication yet.

No plans for the weekend at present - probably going to keep that clear for now.

My copy of Fireball Island sold on eBay for over a hundred dollars. I'm flabbergasted.
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Origins begins Wednesday. Tomorrow will have my last LJ update for almost two weeks, I expect, unless I'm feeling froggy sometime next week.

Here, enjoy my states-visited meme.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Had movie night last night, and we watched Shaolin Soccer, to much amusement. Reminds me, I need to buy Kung Fu Hustle sometime.

This amuses me far too much.

Icon Ideas

May. 22nd, 2007 10:52 am
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I've given some more thoughts to icon needs. I need to replace my Bowser Koopa icon, I've never been entirely satisfied with it. And I need to put Justice League Unlimited in my DVD drive and do a screen capture of Gamera's uncredited guest-appearance there. Then, I think I will be in good shape.

Movie night went off without a hitch on Sunday - friend Lawrence brought over his new infant son, and he, Eric, and I watched Venture Brothers. The baby was mostly quiet for three episodes, but began to get fussy, so Lawrence headed back home.
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I am thoroughly enjoying Super Paper Mario. It captures the feel of the Super Mario series beautifully, alongside the touches the Paper Mario series added, apparently. I've just about drained a pair of AA batteries in the Wiimote just from playing the game. I spent entirely too much time yesterday on it.

I got to have Movie Night last night - attendance was moderate, and we watched Casino Royale, which was enjoyed by all.
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The journal account has been duly upgraded to Plus status, and I have added one additional MST3K-related icon for the time being.

I actually got to run my D&D game over the weekend, which was pleasing - but the turnout for movie night last night was disappointingly low. I wanted to get a bunch of things done over the long holiday, but only managed about half of them. Ah, well. I wanted to mow, but I was tired, and it was cold, and overcast, and often snowing. I am blameless!

My finances have been a little sloppy of late - the Magic : The Gathering purchases kept me from gaining a lot of ground, and then a couple of insurance items and the heating/cooling visit sucked out more of my funds than is usual. I am anxiously awaiting my income tax refund, which totally should have been here already. I'd already decided to lay off unnecessary purchases for the month, so this just reinforces that decision.

Still - the checking account is much slimmer than I'd like it to be.
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So, apparently, it was St. Patrick's Day this weekend. Despite having a Gaelic-descended surname and suchlike, I really don't have any cultural identification with Ireland, so my awareness of the holiday is sort of lax. I think the closest I came to celebrating the holiday was watching an MST3K episode with an "Irish Spring" riff, and watching An Evening With Kevin Smith - cause he was raised Catholic.

Yeah, I got nothin. Didn't even drink.

Did do a movie night last night, sort of - got off to a late start, so we ended up indulging in a couple episodes of Police Squad ( in COLOR ) and made it a short evening.

Up until five minutes ago, I had famed comic book writer and novelist Warren Ellis on my friends list (but not vice versa, of course), but I realized that he's basically kind of a dick, and though some of his posts on LJ are moderately clever, they're just a pile of unnecessary negativity. He did a little whine about people wishing him a happy St. Patrick's day over the weekend.

I found this portion telling : "If you want to celebrate St Pat’s today, eat a raw potato, build a house out of peat and get yourself shot by an Englishman."

Har har. Isn't he funny? Peat houses and raw potatoes and religiously motivated violence - because those are, apparently, the essence of Irishness. Now, I don't imagine he's really racist, or even culturally insensitive - but as a snarky joke it falls flat. It's all venom, with no bite.

On the other hand, the guy who responded to the post comparing St. Pat to a 5th century Samuel L. Jackson? BRILLIANT!
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  • Didn't have to go in to work early Sunday after all, but I will have to work next Sunday for a few hours.

  • Had the first Sunday edition of Movie Night - went very well and all the regulars showed up for a change. We watched the obscure classic Cast a Deadly Spell.

  • Started playing Justice League Heroes. Slightly disappointed in the lack of awesomeness compared to X-Men Legends, but it's easily the best DC-licensed video game I've ever played.

  • Engaged in Magic : The Gathering. Spent more money despite assuring myself I wouldn't. That was bad. Actually won several matches. That was good.

The following is for major nerds only. Norms, you've been warned.

One of the Magic decks I've been experimenting with is based on a card called Dark Depths. For those unfamiliar, it is a land card, and when it comes into play, one puts ten "ice counters" on it. One can remove an ice counter for three mana. When all the counters are removed, one can sacrifice the land to put into play a token creature named Marit Lage - 20 power, 20 toughness, with the flying and indestructible properties.

As an aside, Marit Lage is a part of the metafiction in Magic the Gathering - once a mortal sorcerer, she (or he) trafficked in dark magic and was warped into a Cthulhian horror - ultimately to be trapped beneath the ice pack. Marit Lage was first mentioned in the Ice Age expansion, and Dark Depths appears in the Coldsnap expansion, which is a sequel to Ice Age.

The goal of the deck is to get Marit Lage in play and crush the opponent. To this end, I employ a card called 'Aether Snap'. It removes all counters and tokens from play. For five mana, I instantly clear all ten ice counters and then Marit Lage arrives to kill my opponent. To add insult to injury, I have a couple of cards in the deck to make it so Marit Lage cannot be targeted by spells or effects.

I think the name of this deck should be "Marit Lage's Snappy Comeback."
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At last, temperatures have clawed their way above freezing. I didn't have to scrape anything off of my truck this morning, or even give it a chance to warm up. It's a wonderful thing. It's nice to be able to drive somewhere without concocting an emergency plan in the event that I get snowed in.

Went to bed at a decent time last night, but could not get to sleep for a long while - feeling tired and irritable as a result.

My weekly movie night may be getting bumped to Sundays; one of my friends' schedule changed and we're going to try to accomodate him.


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