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Feb. 28th, 2013 11:06 am
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I think I enjoy this new freedom from daily posting, and I'm sure many of you enjoy the freedom from reading the usually-dull things I blogged about. Win-win!

Anyways, I wanted to mention a site here called Letterboxd. It's a website for tracking movies you've seen, and it's kind of awesome. On the off-chance that anyone else on my LJ list is interested, I thought I'd mention it and provide a link to my profile!

List Stuff

Feb. 13th, 2013 09:17 am
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So, I found a good site for listing movies seen - Letterboxd. Free basic membership, just launched from its beta, nice interface. I'm still working on loading my list on there.

Still looking for good 'Comic Books Owned' and 'Books Read or Owned' list sites.
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Finally watched both installments of the prototypical Santa-slasher series. As slasher films go, they're entertaining. The second suffers from the fact that almost half of it is flashbacks to the first film, but benefits from a much.. quirkier performance from its lead actor.

And I just love every minute of the second one's 'street rampage' scene. Much has been made of the 'Garbage Day!' line, but for my money, the funniest part is right after he kills his girlfriend's ex, and she's screaming at him : "I hate you! I hate you Ricky!" and he turns to look at her, and there's this little flicker of recognition in her eyes that she is screaming her hatred at a murderous psychopath, and she literally says : "Uh-oh."

Comedy gold.
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Blah, blah, interrupted sleep cycle. You know the drill. Brain functioning at half capacity.

Of course, that still leaves me better off than most folks, it seems, so that's good.

I've been updating my Tumblr semi-regularly - my New Comics Day posts, my MST3K favorites posts, my 'Bad Movie Night' posts. I may just become a blogger, yet.
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Someday I will die in the middle of making a list. I'm too fascinated by them.

Now, I know good sites for making lists of video games, of DVDs, of RPGs, and of Anime / Manga. Owned, seen, played, what-have-you.

I am also aware of the existence of sites for making lists of comic books, movies, and books - but I've never run into one of those that was both 1.) free and 2.) useful. Most of the online comic book databases were awful the last time I looked; the only 'movies seen' site I know of is IMDB, which is cumbersome; and as for 'books read or owned', I honestly haven't looked around recently.

So, anyone have any recommendations?
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I saw Skyfall and Wreck-It Ralph on Sunday. It's rare that I go out for a double feature like that, but sometimes it's the only way to keep up. Really enjoyed both of'em, highly recommended. Glad to see Skyfall is starting to integrate some 'classic' Bond stuff back into the franchise.

I'd kinda like to see the Man With the Iron Fists, but I don't think it's playing anywhere local..
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I'm not sure how it works, but whenever I feel stressed, one of the things that helps more than anything else I can do is spending money. Even if I'm stressed about spending too much money.

It's a therapy that could be worse than the problem, in the wrong dose.

So, I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL. I justified it to myself by reasoning that my DS Lite will not last forever, and the screen's so nice and big, and I won't have to reconfigure my wi-fi every time I want to connect Pokemon to the internet, and..

Basically, it boils down to the fact that I saw a new toy, and some part of my brain wanted the new toy.

In other news, had a fun movie night with friends on Saturday, with a horror theme - Brotherhood of the Wolf, My Mom's a Werewolf (as a BAD movie selection), and (because we were wolfed out..) Dead Heat. Fun!
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Later this month, I'll have the chance to see all of Birdemic, which had a good run at the Smithee Awards this year; I won't be seeing it in its completely natural state, though - it will be with the buffer of comedy provided by the RiffTrax team. Looking forward to it!


Sep. 25th, 2012 10:17 am
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I think I'm going to make the effort to see that on Friday. Seems kinda 'Die Hard in the Future Dystopia'. I can dig that.
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Well, I made more reading progress - the next thing on my to-read list is Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel. And I got to run a small session of my Legion game, and share the movie Gremlins with my friends afterward. Not a bad weekend at all.
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I was out sick yesterday - spent the day on the couch, with a runny nose, watching Star Trek : The Next Generation on Blu-Ray. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Saw the Expendables 2 on Sunday - I really enjoyed it. Just good, mindless, popcorn action fun.
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My friends and I got through Hyper Sapien : People From Another Star, which was entertainingly bad, and They Saved Hitler's Brain, which was just garden-variety bad. And thirty minutes too long. Now there's a movie that could stand a modern remake.
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I'd give it an A-minus. Or B-plus. Apart from some general issues I have with Nolan's vision of Batman, it's pretty solidly entertaining. Granted, one of the problems is that Nolan fundamentally does not understand Batman's core characteristic - perseverance - but if it were a movie called 'Billionaire Ninja Commando 3' it would be a good movie, so I can't dock it too many points just because it's not a good representation of Batman.
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Well, I've missed Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter and MiB 3, but I did get to see Ted yesterday, and it was hilarious. Best cutaway gag of all time. Looking forward to Dark Knight this week. I also watched a horrible movie with my friends on Saturday - Brain Twisters. Good GOD, the acting was .. words fail me.

I did some light gardening on Saturday that turned into a miniature debacle - trying to transplant a rose bush sprout. I think I may have ended up killing it - couldn't get enough of the root - but it's transplanted now and we'll see if its health picks back up. I started digging it out with a trowel - but digging through my grass is like cutting canvas with a butterknife. So I wanted to get a bigger shovel, but couldn't get into my garage. So I finished with the trowel, which took a while. Then the chunk of turf I'd dug out.. well, I picked it up, and the rose stayed with the ground part, so I was just holding a bunch of grass and dirt, the rose having slipped through the tiny hole in the middle.


Nice Break

Jul. 5th, 2012 09:23 am
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We should get Wednesday off EVERY week.

I thought about getting out to see MIB 3, Brave, Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter, Amazing Spider-Man, or Ted, but it was hot so I couldn't be bothered.
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.. or not. You know, whatever. I'm easy.

Took care of dental appointment and haircut yesterday, opted to skip out on a chance to see Men in Black 3 so as to have more free time. I did do a little shopping, though - managed to find a copy of Season 3 of Batman : Brave and the Bold despite there being some kind of supply chain meltdown that left Amazon with no copies at all and somehow even pulled it from my wishlist on Monday, the day before it was to go on sale. Very strange.

Finished Season 2 of Community. Good stuff, except that one downer episode.

Going to be taking this Saturday off from the usual gaming gatherings (since half the group can't make it) to catch up on some watching - DVDs have piled up, my Netflix queue is stalled, my DVR is nearly full - and something has to be done. And me? I'm just the man to do it.


May. 14th, 2012 10:41 am
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I still haven't had a solid night's sleep in over a week. Friday night's rest was abbreviated due to needing to get my truck in for an inspection appointment Saturday morning; Saturday night's rest was interrupted when my Carbon Monoxide detector decided it had lived long enough; and last night's was interrupted when the replacement CM detector decided the leftover battery from the first one wasn't good enough for it.

The universe is conspiring to screw over my sleep cycle, and I am not amused.

In a brighter note, I saw Avengers on Friday and it was fantastic, just about everything I was looking for. Hulk steals the show, surprisingly.


May. 11th, 2012 10:09 am
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So I upgraded my Firefox on my work PC, to the new version 12, so I could try it out - it's not bad, but I do miss the LJ Login plug-in (even though I'm no longer using multiple LJ accounts) and they inverted the order of 'Open Link in New Tab' and 'Open Link in New Window' on the right-click menu for links - which has led to me mistakenly opening new windows fairly frequently, when I just want a tab.

Dinner and Avengers tonight. Should be good!
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Was able to take off a half-day on Friday, because of all the time I spent last week working from home. My dinner-and-Avengers trip with friends was postponed to next Friday due to my buddy Lawrence becoming an uncle on Thursday evening. I still haven't seen the movie. My parents saw it before I did. That's just not right.

I had an extremely lazy weekend, because the Saturday gaming session was canceled, so I did get to linger at Free Comic Book Day, but it definitely felt weird not to do something to mark my birthday.

Well, other than that quarter sheet cake I bought Saturday.


May. 3rd, 2012 09:45 am
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My Air Conditioner units (window mounted, alas) are struggling to keep up with the heat right now, and I suspect it's because of the ridiculous humidity that's lingering. I'm hoping things cool down and/or dry out a little bit just so I don't melt.

Having birthday dinner with friends tomorrow, then catching Avengers; and then Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. This looks like it may be a pretty good week.


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