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Probably won't post again until Monday, so this is the best time to do this. I am thankful - very thankful - that ignorance did not win the Presidential Election. Now, we may be in for a few more years of gridlock in Washington, but at least we didn't lose yardage on this play.

Big Wins

Nov. 7th, 2012 09:19 am
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Not too much tension in this election - it got called earlier, and the good guys won the Presidency and some important Senate races. Very pleased about Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri indeed..
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Go vote, everyone!

For Obama. And your local Democratic candidates for the Senate and House.

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There ought to be a test before you can run for office - a junior high science exam might do the trick.

Words fail me. I think I may donate some cash to his opponent.


Jun. 28th, 2012 09:40 am
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Awaiting the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act with some anticipation. Hoping that the court opts not to start the whole damn process over again.


Jan. 26th, 2012 11:25 am
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For those of you not hip to my Tumblr, but who enjoy a good Python reference :
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It seems LiveJournal has decided to celebrate by becoming unstable for the day!

Seriously, though, it would be nice if Congress were actually required to understand how things work before they vote to mess with them. In twenty years, we might have enough tech-savvy people in Congress to actually create a remedy for internet piracy that won't break the internet.

Fortunately, it seems like SOPA and PIPA are circling the drain, ready to be flushed down the series of tubes..
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I think I missed an update yesterday. Ah, well, nobody's perfect.

I have a political ramble for today, though - those disinterested may skip on to the next thing. It's not a rant, mind you - this is something that puzzles me rather than irritates me, for the most part. Those of you who are women (particularly those who are passionate about the feminist cause) are welcome to help me address this conundrum of mine.

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Oct. 5th, 2011 10:50 am
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Forgot to vote in the special election for Governor yesterday. Meant to, but was just mentally 'full' to the point that I forgot. The Democrat-Who-Might-As-Well-Be-Republican won, instead of the actual Republican, so - yay, I guess. I really need to find a less conservative state to live in.
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Republicans object to women's freedom to choose, because they view abortion as immoral and un-Christian.

They object to welfare and gay marriage and racial equality - all exemplars of tolerance and charity, Christan moral ideals - because it impinges on their freedom.

I would love to sit down, on-camera, live, with some of these politicians and put it to them point-blank : Which is more important when writing legislation for the United States - Freedom, or Christian Morality? If they two conflict, which takes precedence? The Constitution, or the Bible?

They'd have to evade, of course, because either answer would lose them half of their damn base. But it would be extremely satisfying to put them on the spot and highlight that contradiction in the heart of the G.O.P.


May. 13th, 2011 10:17 am
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Missed making an entry yesterday. Must've been distracted.

With nothing going on this weekend at all, I have decided that the time is right for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Dragon Age, I will save for when I am on vacation in late June. Mostly this week I have been playing Castlevania HD, though. Addiction!

Tomorrow I must get my truck inspected and vote in our state special-election gubernatorial primary.


Nov. 3rd, 2010 10:41 am
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Well, at least the worst of the crazies up for election got defeated.
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I got a lot of stuff done yesterday, which made me happy. I re-wrote my to-do list because it's changed so much since the last time I did it. Things for today - go to bank; vote!

I encourage everyone out there to vote, no matter how futile or pointless it seems. It's sad that most of our elections have less than 50% participation, you know?
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To echo the thoughts of someone on my F-list, I will be glad when election season is over. I've had poll calls, and Democratic Get-Out-The-Vote calls, and I've had enough. I got one yesterday evening from the local Democratic party and when she identified herself, I straight-up told her that they were starting to get on my nerves, so she apologized and hung up.

I am going to vote. I am not going to vote early. Back off.
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To the Democrats : Congrats! you found your balls. Try keeping them in a safe place next time.

To the Republicans : 'No' is not a political strategy that produces optimal results. But please, by all means, keep trying it until November.


Dec. 8th, 2009 08:52 am
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I spent much of the weekend playing Galactic Civilizations II and Final Fantasy 4 : The After Years. GalCiv II continues the fine tradition of turn-based strategy games that cause me to effectively black out and lose hours of my life at a time. The new FF4 sequel is everything I want it to be, more or less.

I did not get to run my post-apocalyptic superhero game, which made me a very sad panda. Friend Eric had car troubles and was not able to gather the troops. Hopefully, I can reschedule for next weekend.

I did finally get my Pathfinder core book. Effectively 'D&D v3.75', Pathfinder isn't exactly blazing new territory (HA!) but it is a very pretty book and again, it's exactly what I want it to be.

I got a phone call last night from the NRA doing a push-poll, talking about the UN's efforts at an international gun ban, and asking if I wanted to let "third-world dictators and Hillary Clinton" take away my guns. I chewed on the poor pollster schmuck for propagating shameful divisive politics and told him it was an intentionally misleading question with built-in assumptions, like asking someone 'Have you stopped beating your wife?'. Then he asked the question again. So I reiterated that it was a crap question and that he should be ashamed of himself for facilitating it - finally getting the message, he thanked me and ended the call.

I'm betting the poll results won't show 'NRA should be ashamed of themselves - 1%'.
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Offered by me in a comment to one of my right-wing friends on Facebook today, who was complaining that Republicans were being tarred with a broad brush to keep their legitimate policy disagreements from being discussed :

"It's easy to lump Republicans in with the violent, racist, hateful fringe elements of their party because even though most of them aren't like that, the party does nothing to substantively repudiate those fringe elements, and at some point, you become responsible for the company you keep."


Aug. 6th, 2009 11:58 am
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My ability to tolerate ignorance is being taxed to its maximum today. At lunch, I overheard a couple of evolution-deniers reinforcing one another's idiocy. One stated he could prove evolution was stupid. See, cause if it was true, then to evolve a woodpecker, a whole species would've been born and then wiped out because their beaks were too short, repeating until finally, woodpeckers.


And then over on Facebook, one of my fairly right-wing friends and one of her complete right-wing whack-job friends are talking about a post put up by the Obama administration. It offers a way for people who receive "fishy" emails about Health Care Reform to send those in, so the White House can debunk them. According to the right-wingers, this is a sinister left-wing conspiracy to build a list of those who oppose health care reform so that they can be monitored.

The Friend-of-a-Friend went so far as to ask why the ACLU wasn't jumping in on this.


I did point out that it was the *previous* administration who was spying on American citizens without a warrant.

I like to believe I can have civil discourse on most any topic with most anybody. But blatantly self-contradictory beliefs or a muddying of the fact-opinion line are buttons for me, as is assumed authority - and people who clearly don't understand something acting as if they are better equipped to discuss it than the world's foremost experts hit all three buttons.
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Damn applications for the ADD Generation.

On the Free Market Economy :

Some folks believe the free market can solve any problem. They are technically correct. The problem is that the free market assumes that everyone acts on good information in their own long-term best interests. Some people act on bad information, or in their own short-term best interests. Witness the financial market meltdown late last year.

The other problem is that, even when it is working properly, the free market does not solve problems immediately. And the cost of a delay in the resolution to some problems is measured in lives. This is why we control utility costs - because if the power company had complete autonomy to raise their rates, they would raise them when demand was high, and the people who couldn't afford the new rates would die, come winter. That would reduce demand, allowing the power company to lower rates - if they bothered to - but people would be dead.

So I don't worry too much about the much-maligned government bailouts. In an ideal capitalist world, our economy would've collapsed early this year with the financial institution failure and the big automakers going under. I don't think some conservatives really grasp that. Even George W. Bush recognized the need for some government money pumped into the system, and he's pretty much the dimmest bulb on the Republican tree. I mean, I don't want to sound alarmist, but money wouldn't have been worth the paper it was printed on, the government would've had to declare martial law, and I'm pretty sure there would have been zombies.

My point is that I'm really tired of the 'socialism' talking point, I suppose. Capitalism and Socialism are not two settings of a switch. You're not one or the other. It's a spectrum, and I don't believe there is any country in the world that represents either of the extreme ends of that spectrum. If a country collects taxes from its citizens, that's (a touch of) socialism. Because it's taking from individuals to give to the whole. I don't hear conservatives complaining about the ten percent of our income taken that goes to the military. But it is a socialized military. Of course, protecting the health of our citizens with partially socialized healthcare - that doesn't involve violence, so that's bad.

The funny thing to me is that pure capitalism would fail as surely as pure socialism does. You need a dash of both to make things work as a society.
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Very pleased about the legislature of Vermont passing a full-on gay-marriage statute and then overriding the Republican Governor's veto. Amusingly, had the same people voted the same way in both the original vote and the override, it would NOT have passed. But the Governor's dismissive demeanor pissed off a few people who didn't vote for it the first time, so they switched to override his veto.

I watched Howard the Duck last night. Tim Robbins is in that, playing a role that does not compare favorably to his efforts in the Shawshank Redemption. The movies would make an amusing double feature. And is there anything more fun than watching Jeffrey Jones chew scenery?


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