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Okay, this is getting ridiculous. And It's time to start documenting, I think. For over a year now, I've wanted to take advantage of my town's recycling program. Basically, it works like this - every other trash day, there's a separate pickup for recyclables. They look for the blue recycle box and take whatever bag is in it.

So, sometime last year, I put out a bag of newsprint recyclables. In the blue box that came with my house. And the next day, they'd taken the newsprint bag - and the blue box. I was puzzled, but theorized that they took the box because it was damaged, and that they'd bring a replacement. (It was cracked.)

After a week or so, I called them to inquire about a replacement. I was assured one would be forthcoming, the woman on the phone said they'd put in a delivery order to have one brought to me.

Called back a month later. The woman who answered the phone couldn't find any record of the delivery order in the system, but put in a delivery order for me.

Left it alone for a while. Called on and off, every few months. Always the same story.

Last Friday, I called. They said a supervisor would contact me, and took down my number. Tuesday, I called back. They said a supervisor would contact me, and took down my number.

Now I'm getting kind of pissed.


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