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Feb. 12th, 2013 10:14 am
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Someone on Tumblr linked to WhoseLineOnline, which I guess is an aggregate site with embedded links to Youtube, comprising the entirety of Whose Line Is It Anyway - UK AND US versions.

I don't think I've ever used this particular colloquialism before, but I'm as happy as a pig in slop.


Feb. 8th, 2013 09:12 am
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I am a bad fan. I DVRed Community last night rather than watch it right away.

I will get to it tonight, hopefully.
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So, weight loss has not continued, even though I added some more exercise to the routine. I think I just have a slightly lower equilibrium point now than I did a few months ago. Which isn't bad, but it is discouraging. I need to ponder other changes that I could make without driving myself crazy.

Finished Torchwood, excepting 'Miracle Day'. Enjoyable. Also finished Dr. Who, excepting a couple of between-seasons specials that I'll be getting to soon.
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Feeling less dead today than yesterday - getting to sleep on Sunday night is always a challenge for me, because there's always so much I wanted to get done on the weekend that I didn't have time to do.

I've been watching Doctor Who on Netflix - I really had only seen a handful of episodes before Matt Smith, so I decided to correct that. I just finished Season One of the revived series last night. Good stuff.
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I was out sick yesterday - spent the day on the couch, with a runny nose, watching Star Trek : The Next Generation on Blu-Ray. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Saw the Expendables 2 on Sunday - I really enjoyed it. Just good, mindless, popcorn action fun.


Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:52 am
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I kinda don't like Hulu, from my limited experience with it. It's glitchy, for one thing. Sometimes the playback will screw up, giving a burst of noise, then skip ahead several minutes. Never had that happen on Netflix streaming.

It's nice to be able to queue things for uninterrupted viewing - well, uninterrupted except for the ads that come on top of the monthly fee.

I am enjoying Community Season Three, despite the blips. The Law and Order episode displaces the Dungeons and Dragons episode of Season Two as my favorite.

New MST3K!

Aug. 2nd, 2012 09:33 am
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Should be arriving from Amazon today, volume 24 - including Fugitive Alien 1 and 2! I am pleased. It also has The Sword and the Dragon, and Samson vs. The Vampire Women - this is a solid set. Basically every one of those is a favorite episode of mine.

Starting watching Community Season Three through the gracious provenance of a friend's Hulu account - knocked out six episodes of that last night. Enjoying that quite a bit.
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Today's post brought to you by the words 'escalation' and 'awesome'.

I've got one more disk of Gurren Lagann to watch, and it's already one of my favorite things, ever. It is a pure ode to the power of determination. If you enjoy Dragonball Z's power creep, but not its slow pace, then Gurren Lagann may be the show for you.

It's kinda like Megas XLR, but more so.
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ZZ Gundam done; Gurren Lagann progressing.

I also made time to watch the season premiere of Warehouse 13 yesterday, from my DVR. Ahhh, I love that show so much.

Media Week

Jul. 24th, 2012 09:48 am
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I hereby declare this week 'media week'. Meaning I'm going to try and catch up on as many things as I can that I've been reading or watching. Including : Gurren Lagann; ZZ Gundam; Panty and Stocking; Air Gear; plus various manga and trade paperbacks.

Lots of anime and manga in there. But the stuff doesn't end there - Alphas and Warehouse 13 are back, which means my DVR is going to be filling fast. (Currently recording those, plus Franklin and Bash, in HD. Plus Falling Skies in Regular-D for my friend Eric - such a bad show. Plus Lost Girl. And Futurama. And Green Lantern, Young Justice, and Thundercats. And Eagleheart.)

Almost finished ZZ Gundam last night.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 09:55 am
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That's what time the garbage truck comes by, apparently. I guess I usually sleep through it, but they were having trouble getting the dumpster of the business across from my house last night.

Despite the interruption, I'm feeling better today - I still need a really solid night's sleep, though.

I have now finished watching every episode of Batman : Brave and the Bold and Sam and Max : Freelance Police. Excellent shows. And I made lots of progress in my watching of Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann yesterday.
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So, Comics weirdo Alan Moore has released the last volume of the much-delayed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - and it was enjoyable, as were the preceding volumes. My friend Kirby and I were discussing some of the references it contains in the comic shop on Wednesday - and we were both amused by the 30 Rock nod on one page.

This spiralled into a discussion about what other American sitcoms that Alan Moore might enjoy, and we quickly decided he probably likes the most horrible ones.

Kirby (as Alan Moore) : "Ooh, According to Jim!"
Me (as Alan Moore) : "I love Two and a Half Men. This 'Charlie Sheen' seems sober and well-balanced."
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.. or not. You know, whatever. I'm easy.

Took care of dental appointment and haircut yesterday, opted to skip out on a chance to see Men in Black 3 so as to have more free time. I did do a little shopping, though - managed to find a copy of Season 3 of Batman : Brave and the Bold despite there being some kind of supply chain meltdown that left Amazon with no copies at all and somehow even pulled it from my wishlist on Monday, the day before it was to go on sale. Very strange.

Finished Season 2 of Community. Good stuff, except that one downer episode.

Going to be taking this Saturday off from the usual gaming gatherings (since half the group can't make it) to catch up on some watching - DVDs have piled up, my Netflix queue is stalled, my DVR is nearly full - and something has to be done. And me? I'm just the man to do it.


Jun. 18th, 2012 09:54 am
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I am 75% done with Season Two of Community, and there's only one bad episode so far, so.. that's pretty damn good.

Somewhat to my surprise, we launched my Legion game this past weekend - I put it up for a vote between that and the Golden Age game, and the runaway favorite was Legion, so : allons-y! Some beautiful roleplaying and teamwork moments there - I'll probably gush in greater detail on my dedicated blog for that sort of thing.


Jun. 13th, 2012 09:50 am
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Last weekend I was loaned the first two seasons of Community, on DVD. I've now finished season one - I liked the series even more than I expected I would, honestly. I figured it for A-minus at best, but it's a solid A. The paintball episode is probably my standout favorite so far.

Now, I'd seen an episode or two previously, and enjoyed them - just not enough to actually seek out and watch the show on a regular basis. Now that I actually know the characters, I have a feeling that a re-watch of those episodes will be even better.
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I highly recommend the British comedy series 'Look Around You'. It's a parody of those films one might've been subjected to in high school about various scientific subjects.

I also got to see an episode of Lost Girl, finally, after saving up several on my DVR and having no free time - I like it. Irony : the human sidekick girl is *way* hotter than the titular succubus.
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There's a litmus test to tell whether or not you're watching an episode of Law and Order from a good season : Is Jack McCoy an Executive ADA? If so, you're solid. If not, you will be disappointed. If he's the District Attorney, you're going to be dealing with his underwhelming replacement, Michael Cutter. If he's nowhere to be seen - then you're in an early season, and should flee immediately.


Mar. 5th, 2012 10:04 am
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I had a pretty good weekend - a gaming session, lots of video games, some Law and Order, and most importantly (or at least, most interestingly) another edition of Bad Movie Night. Oh, also some cheap comic books at a sale.

For Bad Movie Night (after a session of the new Marvel Heroes RPG) we randomly selected 'Escape From Galaxy 3' - which is honestly one I've been wanting to see in its entirety since seeing clips of it at the Smithee Awards. They made Italy's only black man the villain, put him in a costume that Ming the Merciless would find over-the-top, and put glitter in his beard.

Me : "It looks like he fellated David Bowie!"

Actually, you know what? The internet. Here you go.

Not to mention the Smithee-nominated scene where the aliens decide to leave Earth so as not to endanger their human friends, whereupon the human friends tell them they're kicking them out anyway - then the aliens mention that they agree, and the humans INSTANTLY change their mind, refusing to allow the aliens to leave - to the point of attempting to forcibly restrain them.

Rain, Rain

Mar. 1st, 2012 09:35 am
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Major rain yesterday - canceled all my evening plans and basically stayed home, poking around on some Warhammer miniature assembly, and watching Archer - which is glorious. Easily one of my new favorite shows. And two seasons of it stream on Netflix!
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I was given a free pass to see 'Project X' in preview release, at a specific screening yesterday. Kind of. I'm slightly interested in seeing the movie, but hey, free pass, right?

Not exactly. See, it's a review screening, where the critics get to see the film - but they want an audience there to react. The fine print on the pass says it's intentionally overbooked and except for the press, seating is first-come, first-served. I was already feeling tired yesterday, so when I spotted that, I asked myself - do I want to drive twenty minutes to the theater to only possibly see this movie that I only slightly care about to begin with?

So I stayed home, did some reading, and watched Important Things With Demetri Martin.


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