Jun. 11th, 2012 12:27 pm
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Man, two week vacations are awesome.

So I had fun at Origins, though it was a slower year than most. I'll write more about that on my official nerd-blog which is syndicated to the LJ Feed over here. Suffice to say, a good time was had as I enjoyed board game events, Warhammer, RPG sessions, and a double-dose of the Smithees.

Most of last week has been dedicated to video games - Diablo III and Pokemon : Ruby - but I did squeeze in enough time to clean out a closet. Got to run what may be my final session (for now) of my Golden Age game on Saturday, paving way for the Legion game I've been wanting to do.

One Week

May. 23rd, 2012 10:29 am
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A week from today, I'll be on my way to Columbus, Ohio, for the Origins Game Fair. This will be my 14th outing to the convention, having missed only one since 1998's. I think it'll be my sixth time attending the Smithee Awards - but I'm fuzzier on that count.

I wish I could get my gaming group to the convention for the Smithees, at least - we've been having loads of fun with our 'bad movie nights', so I think they'd love the show, but most of my players can't afford to go. C'est la vie. Perhaps someday.
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Friday's my last day working for a couple of weeks. I'll be at Origins for a few days of that, but then I'll be home painting miniatures and playing video games. It'll be glorious, I'm sure. I'm just.. mentally exhausted.

Got my new lenses on Friday. There's definitely some slight improvement in my long-distance vision with the lowered prescription.
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I signed up for both the Smithee Awards - that celebration of bad-movie-awesomeness, and the Meta-Mega-Smithees - the quintuple-strength edition that occurs once every five years. That does block off a lot of prime gaming time, but it's worth it! I always have a blast and come back with a list of bad movies that I have to see in their entirety. Where else would I have learned of the Guns of El Chupacabra?

I'm also in two introductory, models-provided sessions of Warhammer 40K. Since I'm still learning the game, the practice will be helpful, to say the least.


May. 8th, 2012 12:41 pm
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12 Noon - Origins Registration Goes Live.
12:05 PM - I figure out what I'm not seeing on the badge page, allowing me to progress to pick events.
12:08 PM - I discover the My Little Pony : Warhammer 40K Mash-up RPG session is already sold out.
12:10 PM - I stop swearing, and proceed to register for my next event.

This is the first year in a long while that anything I wanted was sold out before I could get in - and actually, TWO of my choices were sold out.

But I'm going to go to the MLP:40K session anyway, just in case someone no-shows. Dammit.
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Another week, almost done. Sweet.

My birthday comes soon. One week from Sunday. Planning dinner out with some friends, that's about it.

I need to sit down and go through the Origins events list and pick some stuff. Maybe I can get to that this weekend.


Jul. 5th, 2011 01:47 pm
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I have returned. Origins was excellent, as usual. I'll have to do some kind of con report and breakdown, but I'll probably do that at my nerd-blog, over here, which is syndicated on LJ here. I spent last week generally being lazy, which was nice.

I am restarting my Game a Week program, with the new Magic 2012 on XBox Live Arcade. I tried the demo of Dungeons and Dragons : Daggerdale last week, and did not care for it. It was a less fun third-person Diablo.
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So once Origins changes dates (starting next year, it'll be near Memorial Day Weekend) maybe I can actually hit some other conventions, sometimes. Especially those near the end of Summer or beginning of Fall. I have a kind of 'wish list' of conventions I'd like to see once, mostly comic related, but not all of them.

GenCon - the biggest gaming convention in the land.
DragonCon - the biggest science fiction and fantasy convention.
Emerald City Comic-Con - Because Seattle is awesome.
Penny Arcade Expo - Did I mention Seattle is awesome?
San Diego Comic-Con - It's big.
New York City Comic-Con - Also big. Also want to see New York.
Heroes Con - Because about half the people I know seem to live in North Carolina.

There's also the Pittsburgh Comic-Con, which I haven't done yet because I'm basically lazy. There are a couple of WV Cons - TsubasaCon for anime, and CharCon for gaming.. haven't made the effort to check them out either, regrettably.

I get loads of vacation time each year, so getting out of work to get to these places is generally not a problem - it's the travel and hotel expenses that make them tougher to commit to. That and the lazy thing.

I wonder if there's a unified 'convention calendar' somewhere? Wikipedia has good lists of cons, but they're not really organized usefully. There should be a sortable calendar of nerd-cons.


Jun. 16th, 2011 10:17 am
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In a week, I'll be at the Origins Game Fair, enjoying a variety of roleplaying and board game sessions. And in two weeks, I'll be in the middle of a week off of work. Things are looking swell.


May. 17th, 2011 11:19 am
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Event registration opens in 40 minutes, so I'm doing my final check over of the latest version of the event list.


May. 3rd, 2011 10:20 am
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My annual game fair vacation is coming up, and they've just recently released the event list. Fantastic! I shall have to pore over spreadsheets until I devise the perfect schedule!

Yo Ho Ho

Jun. 27th, 2010 09:53 pm
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I'm back, me hearties.

Origins was full of firsts this year. It was the first time I left carrying less cargo than when I came in, thanks to the Magic sales. The first time I participated in the auction - which, due to poor attendance at the auction and bad timing, wasn't as profitable as I'd hoped. It was the first time I made a profit at the convention. The first time I took along my digital camera and didn't take any pictures. The first time I had three events canceled.

I'll be doing full convention write-ups on my nerd-blog, as previously indicated.
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I work today and tomorrow, then I'm off until the first Monday in July. Which means LJ postings will be sparse. I will continue to try and update my nerd-blog - - which also has an LJ syndicated feed for convenience. In fact, I'm hoping to start updating it more regularly in the near future.

Still working on vacation prep, mainly the sorting and pricing of Magic cards. I should be able to finish this evening, get an estimate of what I expect to be paid for them, and have them all in containers and ready to pack.

It's going to be a good year for comic book based video games.
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40 of my Magic Cards have been sold along to another collector, for a tidy sum. This included some of the marquee items, but I doubt Troll and Toad would be paying top dollar anyway. Goodbye, Tolarian Academy. Goodbye, Volcanic Island and Taiga. Goodbye, Force of Will. I still have Sol Ring, Wheel of Fortune, Savannah, Tarmogoyf, and the Maze of Ith as headliners.

The Black Lotus has been registered for auction. I set a minimum price of $600. If it goes for that, I will more than double what I paid for it and that'll pay for my convention costs. Anything above that amount is gravy. I expect at least $800. I'm hoping for at least $1000. If for some bizarre reason, it doesn't sell, then I can eBay it.
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Event registration did open yesterday, but late, after some last minute tech problems with the site. I got into all the tabletop and board game events I wanted. Today, roleplaying events open, and then tomorrow, everything else. Trying to decide if I want to try one or two of the artsy classes on offer. There's one about miniature painting - which kinds of paints are good for what things - that sounds nice, and then there's a drawing one that kind of appeals, too.

I've always wanted to be able to draw.


May. 25th, 2010 11:06 am
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Event Registration opens tomorrow - the Tabletop/Board Games part, anyway. At Noon. I must prepare! There will be chaos and brimstone and fire, and only the ready shall survive!

On the other hand, it could go much more smoothly than last year. Here's hoping. I have wisely left large gaps Friday and Saturday afternoon for shopping and rest. And of course, I've got the Smithees penciled in!


May. 12th, 2010 11:38 am
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I made the first pass at the event list, cutting out 80% of the events, and now I'm down to making the hard choices - which events to fill up my limited amount of time at the convention.

I was pleased to see some new licenses - Smallville, Dresden Files - but disappointed that some old favorite games are getting little to no attention. Less than half a dozen sessions of Mutants and Masterminds? Meanwhile, the convention continues to be dominated by Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu. Still a strong presence for Hero, at least, and West End Games' D6 system still seems to be chugging along despite the company going under twice.
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It's always nice to do the birthday dinner thing - it's rare for me to have a two and a half hour conversation. I did stop at GameStop beforehand, though, and expanded the scope of my Pokemon addiction to Pokemon LeafGreen. This may become a problem.

Spent the rest of my time last night catching up on things and watching some episodes of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - a random two-disk volume of that series that I'd picked up from Vintage Video a while back. I can see why fans sometimes complain about the localization job done for it.

Tonight - Iron Man 2. Look at Origins events. Tomorrow - get up too early and get truck maintenance done. Handle laundry and groceries. Possible session of one of my RPG campaigns.
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Got to run to the bank, pick up new tires, replace an electric razor and a television, sign up for Origins events, have a doctor appointment, pick up comic books as usual, try to see at least one of the two or three movies that I want to see before they leave theaters, grab a haircut, plan for a gaming session this weekend, watch some of the cheap movies I picked up from the video store that's going out of business (so they don't pile up on me, you see)..

.. and then there's that birthday thing, Thursday. I will be two (to the fifth power)!

(ETA) Oh, and take the truck in for an alignment, other routine maintenance, and an inspection.
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Just another Origins story, belatedly.

So I was playing Scion. It's a game of demigods, and for that session, it had been shifted slightly to make a workable Golden Age Superhero game. We had an Archer, a Woman Warrior, a Speedster, an Elemental, an Investigator, and me - the Brick. My character was the Blue Marvel, super-strong and super-tough. Not especially perceptive - I failed several Notice rolls, but whatever I did see, I could pound.

It was a fun session - the GM had been rolling poorly for the femme fatale villain we first encountered - with the repeated refrain of 'Worst. Spy. Ever.' As she was instantly spotted, and quickly defeated. We got to save the Liberty Bell from saboteurs.

("Oh no, we're too late! They've already damaged the bell!")

I got to hurl a bomb away from innocent bystanders, who mistook it for fireworks.

The basic premise was that Nazi superhuman spies were collecting important American artifacts to give Hitler an occult advantage - and for one more sinister purpose revealed in the climax. (It involved a giant mystic robot.)

We were chasing one crook who'd stolen the letters from an antique printing press - perhaps the one that pritned the first Poor Richard's Almanac? Not sure. When tripped up, he fell, spilling some of the letters.

Now, the GM specified he spilled 11 letters. And we needed a clue as to the final target of the Nazi spies. My brain goes 'A-ha! Anagram time.' Analogous to a casting of runes. The GM started giving the player nearest him a list of what letters spilled, but he'd lost his notes and was doing it from memory.

GM : ' There's a W, a Y, another Y, an I, an O, another I .. no, wait. One I. Hang on..'

So he pauses to work out which letters are there. And starts over, giving them out again.

Me : 'I think you'll need a C.'

The GM looks at me, half-grinning, and thanks me, adding a C in the list he's rattling off. The other players look at me like I've grown a second head.

Me : 'I have an inkling. It's an anagram.'

They prod me to go on.

Me : 'It's New York City.'

Because, honestly, 11 letter destination with a W and two Y's? Not that many with notable ties to American history. We had goodly fun cracking wise about the unobservant Blue Marvel solving anagrams with his grandmother as a child, though.


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