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I am out, folks! Moving my reptilian butt over to Dreamwidth, at Will be transferring my old entries, and closing the door on this place. If you want to stay in touch and have a Dreamwidth account, let me know! If you're thinking about moving, the import tool over at DW kicks ass, even if there is a bit of a wait for the entries and comments to come over.

Blog Lite

Feb. 28th, 2013 11:06 am
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I think I enjoy this new freedom from daily posting, and I'm sure many of you enjoy the freedom from reading the usually-dull things I blogged about. Win-win!

Anyways, I wanted to mention a site here called Letterboxd. It's a website for tracking movies you've seen, and it's kind of awesome. On the off-chance that anyone else on my LJ list is interested, I thought I'd mention it and provide a link to my profile!
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Single digit temperatures? Gee, just what I always wanted. Goddamnit, weather, make up your mind already.

In other news, the new LiveJournal posting interface may be my last straw for regular blogging here. I'll probably hang around to read, but I'm pretty sick of the trend of "change for the sake of change" when it comes to interfaces. I basically only use LJ for the ordinary day to day crap anyway; all the fun posts are going on my tumblr.

Uh Oh

Feb. 14th, 2013 09:28 am
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Well, I came in to crow about having tomorrow off, but it looks like LJ has officially removed their good posting interface, leaving only the hideous new one as an option.

Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted.

List Stuff

Feb. 13th, 2013 09:17 am
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So, I found a good site for listing movies seen - Letterboxd. Free basic membership, just launched from its beta, nice interface. I'm still working on loading my list on there.

Still looking for good 'Comic Books Owned' and 'Books Read or Owned' list sites.

Whose Line

Feb. 12th, 2013 10:14 am
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Someone on Tumblr linked to WhoseLineOnline, which I guess is an aggregate site with embedded links to Youtube, comprising the entirety of Whose Line Is It Anyway - UK AND US versions.

I don't think I've ever used this particular colloquialism before, but I'm as happy as a pig in slop.
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On Saturday, I did one of my favorite installments of my Legion game thus far. The whole group was able to show, and it was a superhero-flavored take on Cthulhuian horror - starring DC's M'nagalah, naturally.

Any game that ends with your heroes luring a giant cancer-god away from a planet so it can be bombarded by an armada, can't be bad.


Feb. 8th, 2013 09:12 am
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I am a bad fan. I DVRed Community last night rather than watch it right away.

I will get to it tonight, hopefully.
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My blogging habits on Tumblr have improved substantially over the habits I had at Blogger. Something about the environment makes me actually want to write more. I may start moving some of the old, big posts from Blogger over there..
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Someone forgot to feed the hamsters, I guess.

My heads hurts. I am having to deal with a very demanding (and simultaneously ignorant) person in another department at work; I re-wrote a process that used to require IT intervention to run into one they could use without us, and the news was greeted with "you should have asked us, here's a list of half a dozen vital changes to that process that we need now".. that they haven't needed in the six years its been running in its current form.

In other words, her tone is "Queen Bossypants."

.. this is a woman who once pitched a fit to my supervisor because I bolded a word in an email to her to clarify an explanation that she wasn't getting after three tries.

I've asked my supervisor to address the issue of her tone, but I'm not optimistic. My supervisor is a nice guy - we both had a laugh about the bold text thing - but he's absolutely avoidant of conflict. I guess I'll just have to prioritize her 'requests' appropriately.
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I finished the main story of Dragon Quest 9 yesterday. Woo! Of course, it has a deeeeeep post-game, so I won't be done with it for a while yet.
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So, one of my exercise goals was to get to the point where I can do pull-ups. And now I can do at least one, so that's awesome, but..

Holy mother of god, I think I overdid it yesterday. It's like every tendon and ligament in my arms is on fire, a little bit.

Or like I'm having phantom limb pains with my arms still there. I may need to ease up for a couple of days.
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In less than twelve hours. This freaking weather.

On the other hand, it got nice and cold in my house last night, so I slept like a baby. There is that.
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Finally watched both installments of the prototypical Santa-slasher series. As slasher films go, they're entertaining. The second suffers from the fact that almost half of it is flashbacks to the first film, but benefits from a much.. quirkier performance from its lead actor.

And I just love every minute of the second one's 'street rampage' scene. Much has been made of the 'Garbage Day!' line, but for my money, the funniest part is right after he kills his girlfriend's ex, and she's screaming at him : "I hate you! I hate you Ricky!" and he turns to look at her, and there's this little flicker of recognition in her eyes that she is screaming her hatred at a murderous psychopath, and she literally says : "Uh-oh."

Comedy gold.


Jan. 29th, 2013 09:02 am
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Can't shake this phlegmy feeling. Blech.

I tried out my new-model George Foreman grill this past weekend. Threw on a top round steak that I picked up and made a 'best guess' about cooking time based on its thickness relative to the examples in the instruction manual - and it came out perfectly. Tiniest bit of pink in the center.
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Blah, blah, interrupted sleep cycle. You know the drill. Brain functioning at half capacity.

Of course, that still leaves me better off than most folks, it seems, so that's good.

I've been updating my Tumblr semi-regularly - my New Comics Day posts, my MST3K favorites posts, my 'Bad Movie Night' posts. I may just become a blogger, yet.

Too Cold

Jan. 23rd, 2013 09:47 am
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I suppose this week will be our "winter", as we haven't really had enough cold or snow to justify the season up til now. Might have big snow on Friday.

My blogging has started shifting towards Tumblr more and more, but I'm likely to keep a presence on LiveJournal for a while, yet.


Jan. 22nd, 2013 10:41 am
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Awakened at 6:40 this morning by my boss - database troubles at work. Basically, to correct a problem we'd had with running out of disk space a couple weeks ago, he'd moved some things around, temporarily fixing the problem - but accelerating us into a different out-of-space error. Oops.

I am very tired and somewhat cranky.

The planned installation of partial central A/C for my house got pushed back, as the contractor signed up to do it went out of business rather suddenly.

Sometimes you just have to growl at the world.
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Someday I will die in the middle of making a list. I'm too fascinated by them.

Now, I know good sites for making lists of video games, of DVDs, of RPGs, and of Anime / Manga. Owned, seen, played, what-have-you.

I am also aware of the existence of sites for making lists of comic books, movies, and books - but I've never run into one of those that was both 1.) free and 2.) useful. Most of the online comic book databases were awful the last time I looked; the only 'movies seen' site I know of is IMDB, which is cumbersome; and as for 'books read or owned', I honestly haven't looked around recently.

So, anyone have any recommendations?
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One of my goals over the Christmas Break was to try out or complete a number of the video games I've piled up. I had a notion of 'a game a day' - pop one in, try it out, move on.

Well, I didn't achieve that, but I did finish several games to my satisfaction - enough to delete (on the PC) or sell (on a console) the game in question. Dragon Quest IV I have finished for the second time (on the NES ages ago, and now on the DS). Pokemon Heartgold is done except for a boss battle, and I completed the Platinum Pokedex as a result. Once I do some trading around, I should be able to put Pearl and Diamond to bed for good. I finished Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts enough to satisfy myself. I deleted Torchlight (superseded by its sequel) and a couple of minor Steam games I'd been trying out, and I started playing Warhammer 40K : Dawn of War. I'm working on Dragon Quest 9 now.

Feels good to make some progress.


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