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On Saturday, I did one of my favorite installments of my Legion game thus far. The whole group was able to show, and it was a superhero-flavored take on Cthulhuian horror - starring DC's M'nagalah, naturally.

Any game that ends with your heroes luring a giant cancer-god away from a planet so it can be bombarded by an armada, can't be bad.
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Someday I will die in the middle of making a list. I'm too fascinated by them.

Now, I know good sites for making lists of video games, of DVDs, of RPGs, and of Anime / Manga. Owned, seen, played, what-have-you.

I am also aware of the existence of sites for making lists of comic books, movies, and books - but I've never run into one of those that was both 1.) free and 2.) useful. Most of the online comic book databases were awful the last time I looked; the only 'movies seen' site I know of is IMDB, which is cumbersome; and as for 'books read or owned', I honestly haven't looked around recently.

So, anyone have any recommendations?


Dec. 17th, 2012 11:14 am
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Tired. Somewhat depressed. Not sure why, as to either.

Had a fun session on Saturday, of my Legion game. Probably should have recorded that one, but ultimately, I didn't feel like making the effort.

Really looking forward to vacation..
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Not running my game tomorrow - one of the other irregular GMs in the group is going to do a one-shot with FASA's Star Trek game - it's a system I've never played, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


Oct. 19th, 2012 09:16 am
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Had some massive rain here yesterday! I went to leave work, and I think I saw an ark float by. It had eased up by the time I got home, though.

I need to get my Halloween decorations up. I already bought the candy..

Running my Legion game this weekend. Membership drive time!
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Got the go-ahead from a physician to terminate my antibiotic regimen at five days instead of ten, because my digestion was being destroyed - I'm still having little appetite and gurgling guts even now, but I think part of that is just anxiety. Plus the fact I got used to eating very little over the last week.

I cancelled my Saturday gaming session - just wasn't sure enough of my ability to eat to want to eat while simultaneously dealing with people.

I am very ready for things to be completely back to normal again.
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Well, I made more reading progress - the next thing on my to-read list is Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel. And I got to run a small session of my Legion game, and share the movie Gremlins with my friends afterward. Not a bad weekend at all.
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So my plan was to, over the course of the summer, finish painting and assembling a small, play-legal Warhammer force. I estimated that I'd have plenty of time to do 500 points worth of miniatures properly. Then a bunch of video games came out, and I started my Legion game, and I lost June and July.


Well, in any case, I'm getting close on my second set of five soldiers. After them, I should probably tackle the Commander next, because that'll take a little while. Then I'd just need one more 'troops' unit to have a painted, ready-to-field force..

Well, I'll get there eventually. This weekend, I am hoping to run my D&D game, so I can't spend all my evenings painting, this week - got to do some preparation!
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Had a nice weekend, fairly easygoing. Did some mini-painting; got to catch up with Matt, a former member of my gaming group that had his free time evaporate due to various personal issues; ate some pizza at one of the best places in the area; got my truck fixed; and least importantly but most entertainingly, I actually finished a novel from my massive 'to be read' pile.

Robert Asprin's Phule's Company. Fairly light read, but entertaining. I have a couple other Phule books and several of his Myth books, along with a pile of Terry Pratchett, and others, still waiting..
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The storms will continue until morale improves.

On the other hand, my mental blahs evaporated yesterday, so bully for that. I will be running my Legion of Super-Heroes game tomorrow, and I already have my adventure outline, but I still need to flesh out some details. I'm not sure, but this may be the best game I've ever done.
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I used the free Monday evening to take care of several things - paying bills, cleaning my razor, writing up my Previews order for the month. It was wonderful. I even did a little work on my Legion campaign - I really need to decide if I want to run that, or D&D, on Saturday. Hmmm..


Jul. 13th, 2012 09:45 am
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It's raining a bit today - I might've guessed that it would be. My sinuses attacked yesterday to such a degree that I ended up taking a nap. Feeling better today.

This weekend, I am planning very little - some of my gaming group is coming over for movies, board games, et cetera. There will be popcorn. But I won't be running a game (having run three of the last four weeks), and Eric isn't ready to run a game, and Kurt can't be there to run one of his games, so no roleplaying will take place.

Next week, though, I'll probably be back in the saddle. Maybe my D&D game.


Jul. 12th, 2012 09:20 am
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Watched some amateur stand-up comedy yesterday, had a good time.

Feeling kinda tired and run-down today - I wonder if I'm coming down with a cold, or something.

Still really digging my Legion game. Every time I sit down for five minutes, it seems like I come up with some new idea for it.


Jul. 11th, 2012 09:18 am
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Dropped out of the Planescape game with an apologetic email to the GM (considering the short notice I was giving him) - and instantly felt one hundred percent less stressed. That, my friends, is how you know you've made a good decision. Or at the least, fixed a bad one.

My summer's now relatively free of evening commitments, so I can enjoy that until the 4th Ed game by the same Game Master picks back up in Fall. Unless he gets upset and wants to kick me out of that. Which I could live with..

This evening, though, I am going to see stand-up comedy.


Jul. 10th, 2012 09:49 am
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My upstairs actually got below 70 degrees last night. So nice.

I am concerned about the Pathfinder Planescape game I was planning to become involved in. I have a great character concept that I want to play, and it's my all-time favorite setting - but it sounds like the GM wants to ignore the 3rd Edition conversion of the setting that's already available in official materials so that he can convert the settings (and its attendant rules) to Pathfinder, creating a hybrid of Pathfinder and *shudder* 2nd Edition.

That's like sawing the back half off of your Lamborghini and welding on a truck bed, so you can have an El Camino.

At least some of the rules he's talked about bringing over would torpedo my character concept out of the gate - but unfortunately, he can't give us a list of the modified rules, because he hasn't decided all of them yet. And yet, he was ready to have us start playing yesterday.

I cannot abide the prospect of 'rules in flux' to that degree. The game's rules are the contract between the GM and players that define their relationship - sure, you can change them after the game starts, but you need to have buy-in from your players; and with him, I almost get the sense that there's going to be a different set of house rules every session. Without some consistency, I can't make informed decisions in building my character.

I think maybe I should just back away and take the extra free time I'd have for the rest of the summer to paint miniatures.
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The heatwave broke yesterday, a fact for which I am very grateful. Maybe at some point in the next week or so I can actually turn off one of my A/C units for more than fifteen minutes.

The Legion game Saturday went spiffingly, and we've got all but one of the characters on the team introduced now. I really need to write up some session summaries of those..

The most amusing moments came after the team had imprisoned a weakened version of Mordru, when a series of suggestions of where he could be securely left got out of hand - I don't know that I can do it justice in text, but I did get it on audio record, so maybe I can just post an actual sound-clip somewhere.
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.. of Lego Batman 2, that is. Got all the achievements, checked the last box, and done. I've had a surprisingly productive week in terms of clearing out hobby backlogs. Maybe I will get back to miniature painting this month!

No, probably not. But I'll try, dammit.

Running my Legion game on Saturday! Looking forward to it.
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I'm having one of those days that makes me wonder if I have adult ADD. Every little noise and stimulus is irritating me, distracting me.

On the up-side, my usual weekly 4th Edition D&D game is cancelled this week, which means more free time to hang with my folks and more free time in general. That'll help moderate the stress level.

Mom got out my vacuum and was going to start cleaning (as she is wont to do) and discovered there was some kind of sludge in it that smelled bad and seemed relatively uncleanable, as it was all through the hose and everything. now, I sweep somewhat rarely, so since the last time she visited and did her whole-house cleaning thing, I'd used it to clean the closet I'd cleared out, and before that, to clean up my window AC unit. Neither of those things seems to account for the smelly sludge, though - and ultimately that vacuum was unsalvageable.


Jun. 18th, 2012 09:54 am
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I am 75% done with Season Two of Community, and there's only one bad episode so far, so.. that's pretty damn good.

Somewhat to my surprise, we launched my Legion game this past weekend - I put it up for a vote between that and the Golden Age game, and the runaway favorite was Legion, so : allons-y! Some beautiful roleplaying and teamwork moments there - I'll probably gush in greater detail on my dedicated blog for that sort of thing.


Jun. 15th, 2012 09:43 am
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Ugh. Work's been a pain this week. I'm very very glad it's Friday.

My Legion game is shaping up - I've asked the players to make sure I have their characters' real names, proposed code names, homeworlds and species, along with quirks, complications, motivation and hobbies. This might end up being one of the best things I've ever run.


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